TUV – Fahrzeugbrief – Export – COC – Emissions

Taxfree price
Taxfree means you pay no german sales tax (VAT/TVA/BTW). EU companys with taxnumber buy taxfree. All customers outside the EU buy taxfree.

Export price
Special export prices are taxfree with US registration or english registration. No TÜV or German registration. 10% EU import duty is allready payd by us. IMPORTANT: There are no technical datas in english or american registrations.

Technical datas
TÜV (technical inspection, data-sheet) is in the regular price included. With those papers the limousine is ready to license in Germany. Some limos in our warehouse don´t have those papers – we need a few days to do this service.

Some limos in our warehouse don´t have a Fahrzeugbrief. To receive German registration (Fahrzeugbrief) the limo needs TÜV and license in Germany at least for one day. That means we have to pay all license fees, license-plates, road-tax and insurance just to receive a “Fahrzeugbrief”. This is included in the regular sales price. IMPORTANT: There are no technical datas in english or american registrations.

With plates you can drive the limo in your country. If the limo has a “Fahrzeugbrief” we can get export plates for your limo. This means you have insurance and plates on your name. You choose between 1 month and 12 months. Costs: 150 EU for 1 month, 450 EU for 3 months, 1.200 EU for 6 months, 1.700 EU for 12 months.
Yellow 5-day plates are now available with green international insurance paper. Valid for outside Germany. No German Papers neccessary.

Lincoln Town Car Limousines NEVER have an EU homoligation, NEVER have an EU conformitation, NEVER have an EU type-number or E.W.G. number or CoC (CoC = Certificate of Conformity). Only car manufacturers who sell cars in the EU can get a COC papers. Lincoln and all other US cars not officially sold in Europe have NEVER COC papers.

Emissions for Lincoln Town Car Limousines:
1996 and older: Euro1/E2
1997 – 2000: Euro 2
2001 – 2003: Euro 3
2004 – 2008: Euro 4 (98/69/EG III;B)