Self Import

Benefit from our many years of experience since 1997, also about some adventures of our customers – here are some examples and informations on the subject of self import.

Buying a Limousine in Europe?
More and more limos are offered in EU countrys. You should be careful.

  • Poland/Lithuania
    90 percent of all US-Cars there are total-loss or flood-vehicles from USA Auctions – check the VIN-number, it is easy to find out the truth. Also many repaired England vehicles.
  • England
    High miles and a lot of rust. Odometers rolled back on most cars. Wrong VIN numbers and wrong years. Never buy unseen. First check (also from underneath) and then pay.
  • Niederlande
    From England imported Limos. Check the rear end: all england limos have yellow marker lights cut in the rear bumper skin.
  • Other EU Countrys
    Non repairable England-Limousines everywhere, because of rotten frames and total losses.

No matter in which country you buy. The registration effort is always as if you import from the United States. Limousines never have EU COC papers. A “European registration” is a lie.
It is very helpfull to have German registration. Ask your local vehicle department and customs before you buy.

Our Tip: NEVER buy a Limousine unseen! Also not on Ebay. Check every limousine from underneath. Ask us – its free. Check the History

“Building a new limousine in the USA?”

Certainly, you have found one of the many great “US Coachbuilders” in the internet. There you see cool photos of very beautiful exotic Limousines of all models.

It is in the United States, so it is so logical that everything is cheaper than elsewhere – therefore you pay immediately a down payment and fly back home.

What followed happened already many Europeans:

  • Because it is a small company that builds cheaper as a renowned coachbuilder, it goes bankrupt and the down payment is gone. (Finally you chose the cheapest company)
  • Because you have no time to deliver a base vehicle, the coachbuilder chooses itself one. It must be cheap, so he will choose a salvage car.
  • There is a customer from the United States, who pays cash when he gets built quickly 3 Limos. So, the half-finished Europe Limo get pushed in the corner.
  • Because the poorly paid workers from Mexico or Cuba constantly change (hire and fire) the quality is worse – your limo is a lemon.
  • Heavy mistakes are made in the metalwork. Poor weldings and other works turn out as crap.

You have no control, and the coachbuilder invents new excuses why your limo is not finished. Finally, you fly 3 times to the United States to make pressure on the spot again and again. Poor quality is a result of pressure. If everything runs smoothly the limo arrives at some point in the port of Europe – with bad paint, faulty electrical equipment or other problems. There is no technical documentation, diagrams or data label for the EU certification. There is no one who will help you. There is neither money nor any responses back. As you’ve seen locally there is no parts and no service department. From now on you are ticked off, and the next customer is King. Of course, no one has something about it when you order the next limo… So are many Americans, and they are not even evil – they wonder only about the narrow-minded “European Guy” who thinks he would get a Mercedes for pocket money.

Our Tip:
Don´t decide anything in vacation-mood. Calculate the final costs including, shipping, import fees and so on. Ask us – its free. We produce in Europe with European Quality – and you can visit us anytime in Germany to solve problems. We are here to help you.

Offer: 15.000 dollar
Inlnd Shipping to port: 500 dollar
Container shipping: 1.500 dollar
Total loss insurance: 300 dollar
Total 17.300 dollar = 16.000 Euro (Exchange rate 1.8.2015)

Plus 10% EU duty on everything above: 1.600 Euro
Plus port costs/paperork in Europe: 400 Euro
Plus your local VAT/IVA/TVA (example 19%) on the total: 3.420 Euro
Final price at port: 21.420 Euro

(Included in the final price is still no technical control, datapapers and repairs.)
To bear in mind the enormous problems in the registration of vehicles without existing data sheets with information on axle loads, wheel loads, EC emission characteristics, EC brake, headlights, EMC’s and much more… Finally, the manufacturer of the vehicle is not known here since it is no factory vehicle of Lincoln or Chrysler after the conversion. The EU technical inspector will review technical details to that in the United States nobody cares: front axle joints, tie rods, parking brake, brake lines, rust… By the way, all Limos with more than 9 seats (Hummer, etc.) are cleared with 16% through EU customs, no matter how you use it after arrival.

Ask us – its free. Give us a chance to offer you a limousine for the same price.
Order your Limo at Star-Limos, with money-back guarantee.