Export Informations

We pay for all Limos 10 % EU-import-duty (Zoll) and 19 % tax after arriving from the US.
Vehicles with more than 9 seats (Hummer limos, most C300 limos) are subject to 16 % import duty.

Sale inside the EU:
If you have a business with valid EU-taxnumber you pay just the export-price excluding 19% sales-tax.

Sale outside the EU:
You get the 19% tax back after export.
You can safe the 19% tax AND the 10% duty if you decide to buy a Limo before it enters Germany.
In this case you have to pick up, pay and export the Limo instantly after arriving from the USA. Please ask us for details.

Driving your limo:

You have 4 choices to drive the car to your country:

  • 1. Yellow 5-day-plates. Possible for every vehicle, regardless of registration New!! With green international insurance! Valid for 5 days. No return necessary: Price: 100 Euro
    Important: Some countrys do not allow traveling with yellow plates, even if you have international insurance. Please ask you authoritys.
  • 2. Red Export Plates, with green worldwide international insurance. No return necessary. No extension possible. Valid for up to 1 year. Vehicle must have German registration, and valid technical inspection (TÜV) Costs: 150 EU for 30 days, 450 EU for 3 months, 1.200 EU for 6 months , 1.700 EU for 12 months.
  • 3. With a truck. Yust ask any vehicle transport company. Limousines fit on any regular vehicle transporter, but need space like 2 regular cars, off course. Also you can use a regular enclosed truck. We will find a ramp to load the limousine.
  • 4. Our driver delivers the limousine to your door. Please ask us for a quote.

American vehicles are licenses in Europe by a “single approval” (German: Einzelabnahme). Lincoln or US-imported Chrysler have never any Homoligation or CoC = Certificate of Conformity.
The same is valid for any other import vehicle, like Hummer H2, Mustang, Navigators etc..

For licensing in most European countrys it is very helpful to have a German registration, where all technical datas are included. In US registrations (title) or english registrations (UK registration certificate) are no technical datas included.