Odometer mileage accident check

You would like to buy a limo or other US-vehicle in Europe or in the US? We recommend a check of the actual mileage BEFORE you buy the car.

Even if you are personally not interested in those informations, accidents or odometer-fraud will be very bad for the resale value. Sellers MUST declare accidents when selling a car.

The mileage is noticed for example at the following events:
Change of owner, SMOG-check, Auction, Accident…..

You can get the following infos: Where was the car used/licensed? Mileage OK? Waterdamage? Taxi-use? Lemon-car? Accident? Salvage-car? How many owners? When exported?

Just print the 17-digit VIN* Number in the Carfax form.

* The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) you find at each american car good readable from the outside below the drivers side of the windshield.
Also on stickers inside the drivers door, and off course in the registration papers.