Welcome at Star Limos!

We offer Stretchlimousines - new and preowned

• We are specialised in Stretchlimousines.

We know what we are talking about and have experience with these special automobiles - selection, value and advice will surprise you.

• We have experience.

Star Limos was one of the first German importers and is specialised in Stretchlimousines since 1997 with over 2.000 imported limousines.
Please visit us BEFORE you buy at a dubiously private backyard dealer.

• We have the selection.

Our limos are REALLY here in our warehouse and not somewhere else in the world. No matter how far is your journey - also if you do not buy at this time you will be satisfied about your experience.
After you have seen all the Limos you will know much more about it.

• We have the service.

After your purchase we leave you not alone. Our customers receive parts for discount prices and get full technical advice. Don´t matter what happens, we serve you with our complete "knowhow".

• We are in Germany.

You can count on our promises and we will stand behind our word. We are always present to help you with any problem.

• We have good prices.

Most of our Limos are in a very good condition and the money worth. We don´t want to import cars as cheap as possible just to beat our competitors. Our customers would not have advantages if we would act this way - it is a way in the dead end street. Sometimes we offer cheaper limos needing more or less work. But saving money this way usually don´t makes financial sense. Please ask us.